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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Santa Fe Shop & Gallery in Fish Creek - Sale and New Lines of Purses!

The Santa Fe Shop & Gallery in the heart of Fish Creek (on Main Street across from On Deck, Bayside Tavern etc.) just notified us today that:

1) They are closing out all their area rugs, so they are all 50% off. Sizes range from 4' by 6.' Rugs to Runner size Rugs to 2' by 4' Mats in a variety of styles and colors. We were in the shop alst week and some of these are stunningly beautiful! A real buy!

2. Santa Fe Shop & Gallery has just brought in two new lines of purses:
Hobo International collection from Annapolis, Maryland: wonderfully functional handbags and wallets crafted in natural leather. AND

Breezy Mountain Leather Handbags by Valerie Ann Szarek of Colorado. Using only animals taken for food, this trade is the ultimate recycling. She uses natural stones, silver and beads to enhance the beauty of each piece.

Check out this fabulous shop and gallery - there are a ton of beautiful items in the shop! Read our Review! Then visit their website and please tell them that let you in on this secret!

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