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Friday, May 22, 2009

Fish Creek and the Town of Gibraltar Honors Peninsula State Park’s Centennial throughout Heritage Days 2009!

We just received this press release on Heritage Days 2009 celebrations!

Contact information:
Wayne Kudick:, 920.868.2262
Doug Blahnik:, 920.868.3616

Fish Creek and the Town of Gibraltar Honors Peninsula State Park’s
Centennial throughout Heritage Days 2009

In honor of Peninsula State Park’s Centennial, the Gibraltar Historical Association is dedicating Heritage Days 2009 to Door County’s emerald treasure. Since its’ establishment 100 years ago, Peninsula State Park has earned a reputation for its’ boundless recreational opportunities and incredible natural beauty. And positioned in close to proximity to Fish Creek, the two have maintained a relationship that reflects a remarkable past.

In 1858, the Township of Gibraltar--consisting of the villages of Fish Creek, Juddville and Maple Grove--was established. Farmers, lumbermen, and fishermen settled their families on the surrounding fields, scrapping out homesteads bordered with the rocks they cleared.

Some of the early pioneers settled on acreage that would be designated as park property. Homesteaders, they had expected to live on their land for generations to come. Although official records vary, approximately 70 parcels of land owned by 40 families were transferred, sold or were otherwise acquired by the state for the new park.
As the community grew, so too did the business community. Fish Creek’s Main Street boasted three general stores, a school, library, and post office. A greenhouse and nursery, a tavern, grocery store, gift shop, and gas station were all located on land that would years later be designated state park property.

“The history of Peninsula State Park and the Fish Creek village is so closely connected; the two literally grew up together and have been intertwined in so many unique ways. It is important that we celebrate our unified history as a community,” said Eunice Rutherford, Gibraltar Historical Association board president.

“This collaborative celebration is an effort to preserve and promote our shared heritage and legacy, both the park and the village. And we hope this first Heritage Days celebration continues each year, and that more and more people will become involved.”
Continuing the celebration of community begun with the Town of Gibraltar’s Sesquicentennial last year, Heritage Days 2009 will host activities for the entire family beginning Friday, June 5 and concluding Sunday, June 15. From a sunset serenade to candle-light tours of Fish Creek’s historical village, stories of ghosts and tales of tragedy-at-sea, Heritage Days 2009 will be a charming walk through history.
“There will be ongoing activities scattered throughout the village,” emphasized Rutherford, “and everything will be free with the exception of the Hootenanny Concert on June 13th which will require a $10 ticket.” The concert will feature the 5 Milers who will perform a concert of folk music appropriate for the entire family.

“The seeds of our future were planted by our forefathers and mothers; their names are still recalled with affection…Alexander Noble, Asa Thorp, Increase Claflin,” recalled Rutherford. “Heritage Days 2009 remembers these early pioneers in with fun, family-friendly celebration that will echo with our history and past, while looking forward to the future.”

For additional information and a complete list of events visit,, or Information on all of the events will be available at locations throughout Fish Creek. The Hootenanny Benefit Concert will begin at 7 pm on Saturday, May 13th in the Old Town Hall. Concert tickets are available for purchase at the Fish Creek Information Center, the Noble House, or by calling 920.868.3373.

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