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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Heard on the Street - April 12 2008!

We just learned that Beowulf Lodge in Fish Creek has been purchased by Greg and Denise Stillman - two folks who have loads of lodging management experience. They plan to upgrade the lodge and change the name to Parkwood Lodge.

"We will be replacing all of the exterior windows, some of the siding and painting the exterior.” Improvements will also be made to the indoor pool area including new HVAC and a new finish on the walls and pool deck. Plans are to continue to make improvements and re-invest in the property over the next several years.

We think this is very cool, and we are confident that the Parkwood Lodge will be better than ever!

So Look for PARKWOOD LODGE in Fish Creek now!


  1. This is a true rumor ... we are already starting work on the indoor pool. New windows and siding will be installed weather permitting! The lodge will be open for business during the remodeling. We are fortunate to have seperate buildings so guests can enjoy a peacful stay across from Peninula State Park while we continue to improve the property! Thanks to everyone for their well wishes! Greg & Denise Stillman

  2. Thanks Denise and Greg! Nice to hear from the new owners on our BLOG! Good luck with the new Parkwood Lodge! How exciting!

  3. I'm a Door County devotee living in Chicago, & I got the news of the Stillman's acquisition of Beowulf via the (Milwaukee) Journal Sentinel online...I think that its great that the old Beowulf will be revamped, but I'm not fond of the name change....given the Beowulf's location & overall "feel," I think keeping the Beowulf name & focusing more on its "viking" theme during upgrading would have greater long term appeal. Either way, the facelift is good news for that property- good luck!

  4. Thanks for the post, Jamie! As you can see, the Stillman's check out this BLOG so I am sure they will see your comments. Thanks so much for posting.


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