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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Heard on the Street (April)

Good news in Egg Harbor! Casey's Inn Supper Club has been purchased and will be open for the season! And, the best news is that the folks over at Pelletier's Restaurant (fish boils and lots more) in Fish Creek have purchased it! They have a tremendous amount of first-class restaurant experience, and will continue to run Pelletier's too - so we are looking forward to some super things at Casey's!

This is great for Egg Harbor!


  1. Good news, i have always had good food at Pelletiers

  2. Never have tried Casey's before, but we will now.

    We like the improvements to Pelletiers by the new owners, so we will look forward to an enjoyable experience at Casey's!

  3. We are excited that the Pelletier's folks purchased Casey's - look for a BBQ flavor to the place :)

  4. Congratulations Reagan and Matt. Look forward to some of your sweet BBQ!


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