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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Eating at The Coyote

Just walked in The Coyote Roadhouse in Baileys Harbor - eating dinner here - maybe ribs? Great little place on Kangaroo Lake. Sitting at the oval middle table closet to deck, watching the shore, waiting for a friend, Bruce who owns the Lull-Abi Inn in Egg Harbor, to join us. Ah - here he is! Come on over - it's only 7:40 PM!
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  1. My wife and I have eaten at The Coyote before ... terrific fried chicken!!

  2. We haven't visited The Coyote yet but will do so this summer. Always in the mood for good ribs! We'll let you know what we think!

  3. Hi Jean, and Wayne - we like the Coyote too!

    As we have said, Casey's in Egg Harbor is going to be serving up BBQ - so this should be terrific! Try that next!


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