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Friday, December 5, 2008

Here and there
So many great gift ideas here on the Door Peninsula, and a lot of places have wonderful sales. Over the past years, I have given family members and professionals I work with flavored oils from Curt’s Oilerie, Fish Creek, and cheese assortments from Renard’s, Sturgeon Bay. I had fun at the sales this fall and early winter. City Farmer, Ephraim, continues its 50 percent off sale, and Nicole’s in Main Street Shops, Egg Harbor, had fun arty clothing for sale. Country Lady, Liberty Square, Egg Harbor, has many winter coats for sale. Also, Junction Center, a yoga studio and shop, Egg Harbor, had 25 percent off yoga clothes and props. Bath Essentials, Fish Creek, is always a great place to go this time of year. The skin care products there are so important during the winter, and there are many markdowns there too. So, not enough snow yet for cross country skiing, but the shopping is plentiful, to be sure. See you here and there on the Door Peninsula, Donna Marie Pocius, freelance writer.

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