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Friday, November 14, 2008

"Telling Stories with Quilts & Words"

New Exhibit through December 30th 2008 at the Door Community Auditorium! DCN just got this press release!

The Door Community Auditorium Link Gallery
Announces a new exhibit…
“Telling Stories with Quilts and Words”

With the pull of a thread and the scratch of a pen, the Trillium Quilt Guild and the Wallace Group have created and crafted a unique collaborated exhibit. “Telling Stories with Quilts and Words” is a demonstration of artistic talent expressed in two very different mediums.
Currently on display in the Door Community Auditorium’s Link Gallery through December 30, the exhibit features the words and works of 20 quilters and 14 poets. “Telling Stories with Quilts and Words” is the first collaboration for the two groups.
Separate organizations, Trillium Quilt Guild and the Wallace Group share members, one of whom is directly responsible for developing the concept of a joint exhibit. “Each year both groups exhibit at Scandia Village,” explained Judy Roy, a published poet and accomplished quilter.
“I thought it would be a wonderful to host a joint exhibit. It is an interesting concept and nothing like it has been done before. Quilts speak to us through their designs and colors. To write about the quilts seemed a natural extension of their themes and patterns.”
“Telling Stories with Quilts and Words” is a collection of original quilts 16” x 20”, many of which are based on patterns created by Lori Smith. The completed quilts were then distributed to the poets who found inspiration in their beauty.
The largest quilt guild in Door County, Trillium boasts 55 members who meet throughout the year. A selection of their quilts is displayed in an annual quilt show; bi-annually they exhibit at Corner of the Past, a historical site in Sister Bay.
The Wallace Group is an outgrown of a Clearing class in 2001. Each month the group of nine poets meets to discuss poetry, and critique each other’s work. A selection of poems written by local members of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets is included in this exhibit.
Quilter Fran Burton’s square is a patch of red poppies, their centers an array of buttons. Barbara Larsen wrote of the blooms, “Each flower stands on tiptoe, shoots up to kiss the sun.” Adorned with baskets and bunnies, Laurie Moegenburg’s quilt suggested “warmth…and the wisdom of many cultures” to Joan Traver.
Like Joseph’s coat of many colors, the many shades of fabric art and poetry are a wonder to behold. Whether “writing” a story with scraps of fabric or descriptive adjectives, the members of Trillium Quilt Guild and the Wallace Group have created a memorable exhibit with needle and ink.
“Telling Stories with Quilts and Words” concludes its tour of Door County with the Link Gallery exhibit. The show has previously been exhibited at the Meadows in Scandia Village, the Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Library, and the Fairfield Center for Contemporary Art.
The Door Community Auditorium is located in Fish Creek, just north of the town center on Highway 42. For enquiries please contact the box office at 920.868.2728, or visit Box office hours are Monday through Friday, 10 – 3 pm; weekend show days, 11 – 3 pm; and one hour prior to a performance.
For information about the Trillium Quilt Guild or the Wallace Group contact Judy Roy at 920.839.9169. Trillium Quilt Guild also provides information at

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  1. Great show! I encourage everyone to stop and see it.


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