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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall Sundown Video Released!

We just released a brand new video, Fall Sundown! Beautiful pink skies, rippling waters - fabulous views!

Find it linked on our Homepage, and on our Sights & Sounds page, under New Releases, and Seasonal!

Enjoy and have fun - let us know what you think of our new videos - hit the Comment button below and BLOG!


  1. Love the new Fall Sundown video! Makes me feel like I'm relaxing in a chair down on the beach looking out over the water. Nice job.

  2. Hey Wayne - thanks for the nice comments! We appreciate it very much. Fall Sundown was fun to shoot - it was such a beautiful evening, the sky just perfect, the water so calm. . .I like your analogy of you sitting on a beach chair looking out! That's great image - a special comment for sure - thanks again!

  3. Dan, I was watching the "Door County Surprises" video and it mentioned a restaurant where your food was delivered by a train ... where is that?

  4. Hi again, Wayne!

    In the Door COonty Surprises video, the place that delivers your food on a train is PC Junction in Baileys Harbor!

    You can see the video of PC Juntion in our Sights & Sounds section, under the Food/Dining tab and read our review of it under Dining/Food, Baileys Harbor!


  5. Thanks Dan, that'll be a "must see" on our next trip to DC.


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