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Friday, August 8, 2008

4 New Reviews Added on Navigator!

Go to our New Reviews section and see - we've added 4 new reviews:

- Wilkins & Olander (women's clothing & cool accessories - stores in Fish Creek and Sturgeon Bay)

- Black Walnut Guest House - a great B&B in Sturgeon Bay

- Stiletto Sailing Cruises - we just went on their twin-hull catamaran last week! Very cool! See them at South Shore Pier in Ephraim!

- Cindy Koutnik - with Century 21 Action Realty Group - a super Manager Broker who can help you buy or sell property in Door County! She offices out of Sturgeon Bay.

Go check them out!


  1. I love reading the reviews. I check at least once every week to see if any new reviews have been added to the list. They're such a help when planning a DC vacation.

  2. Thanks Mary! We appreciate your comments, and are happy the reviews are so helpful to you. We will keep reviewing places and adding more useful info to and!


  3. Caroline from StreamwoodAugust 14, 2008 at 1:16 PM

    Every year, my boys & I search out one of Door County's simple outings: the Door County Baseball League. Finding the games is an adventure in itself...many fields are off the beaten path, and unknown even to Door County gods like DCN's Dan :) On our way to finding the Kolberg Braves/Sister Bay Bays game, we explored previously unexplored territory for us: Little Sturgeon bay, and on the way, a stop to the Tornado Memorial Park, which is not a tornado in a weather sense of the word, but a memorial commemorating the Peshtigo(?) fire of Oct 8, 1871. Falling on the same day as the great Chicago Fire caused this event to get less press, but the profound tragedy was enough to silence my 4 usually rambunctious boys. If I remember my facts, 60 of the 77 residents of the area perished, 2 of them in a well where they were hiding from the inferno under a wet blanket.

    After our history lesson, we watched the game. Not many tourists seem to look for these games, which is really a shame, because the games are fun, the food is tasty, and the kids can earn 50 cents for each returned foul or home run ball. All for about $6-10 a carload. Sure, we don't know the players, and most of the other fans are family & friends of the teams, but when you are a baseball family, it's a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

    Thanks DCN for a great resource!!

  4. Thanks Caroline! The baseball games are fun - caught on eon Washington Island a long time ago!



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