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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Green Grapes Make Good Business, Not Wine

We received this Press Release from one of Door County's premier wineries - read on!

Door Peninsula Winery offers eco-friendly incentive
Sturgeon Bay, WI - July 28, 2008 -
Kayaking, hiking, hybrid vehicles and granola will have to make room for wine in Door County. You no longer have to gauge your greenness when you decide to visit the tasting room at Door Peninsula Winery, Wisconsin's largest producer of wine in the state and Door County's original winery. July marked the start of their effort to be more environmentally responsible in all aspects of growing, production, fulfillment and sales.

"We've always been aware of water conservation, primarily because we have a holding tank," notes Chief Operating Officer and Door County Green Fund board member Rob Pollman. "More recently, we've turned the microscope on ourselves in other areas because of observations made from staff. It's a topic that is on many people's minds and there are social habits that we need to engrain into our business."

The eco-friendly nature of the winery starts in the vineyard. "We don't practice scorched earth farming," said winemaker Paul Santoriello. No pesticides are used in the small, hand-tended, eight acre vineyard and only an occasional herbicide is spot applied as needed. "We also source local when possible and use fruit juice instead of full fruits to cut down on waste. For example, for our well known cherry wines, we use cherry juice pressed off-site and the cherries are dehydrated and sold as dried fruit. If we would use the entire cherry in wine production, the solid fruit would have to be discarded."

Recycling is just the beginning at the Door Peninsula. Annually, approximately 7,200 wine bottles (about nine pallets) just from the retail area/sampling bar are recycled and 550 cubic yards of cardboard. Recycled paper, default print preview software, reuse of ink cartridges, energy efficient lights and bulbs in the parking lot, natural light through large windows, low water use spigots and toilets, employee ride share, and recycled paper (egg carton) shipping containers are all ways the winery is green. You will even notice some creative house wares at the winery that use bottles that have been reformed for plates and tea light lanterns.

Door Peninsula Winery is trying to share their green message with an offer for a reusable six bottle wine carrier. Anytime you reuse the bag at the winery, you receive an instant $2.00 savings on your purchase. If you fill the bag with six bottles, you still receive the 10% off wine discount. "It's just an incentive for people to understand we're serious and not just jumping on the green band wagon," said Tyson Wegman, retail manager."Part of being green is education and that includes our clients."

Door Peninsula Winery is exploring the Travel Green Certification offered in Wisconsin, but intends to continue their green habits regardless of the certification.
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About Door Peninsula Winery
Door Peninsula Winery is the largest producer of wine in the state of Wisconsin and Door County's original winery located in the old, 1868 Carlsville schoolhouse. For more information, contact Jaime Forest at or 800-551-5049.


  1. Thanks for the recommendations on your sight! My husband and I went to Door County this last weekend for our anniversary and we used your list of wineries to visit!! We went to Stones Throw, Simon Creek, and Door County Winery. I spent a lot of money on wine because it was all so GOOOD! But we had a blast. Door County Winery was the best of them all!! They had 51 wines available in their free tasting and their staff was so fun! Door Counties Marechal Foch was my favorite wine. It will be great for Pasta Night on Sundays! Stones Throw Angelique was my favorite sparkling from Stones Throw winery!! Thanks again!

  2. Hi Teresa! Thanks for the kind words!

    I am sure you enjoyed the wineries! I think the "Door County Winery" you refer to is "Door Peninsula Winery" - just so everyone knows.

    Did you get to Orchard Country? Also a great place. Glad you had fun and we helped!



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