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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bistro 42 Is Open in Carlsville!

For the past few weeks, Bistro 42 has been open in Carlsville. Occupying the same location as The Vineyard once occupied, Bistro 42 claims a great chef and a great new menu.

Here is their press release, along with a photo of Chef Billie Jane Bach in front of the new fire baked pizza oven.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Jaime Forest at 920-743-7431 or
Bistro 42 Opens With Bach Lineage Coming Back
June 3, 2008
Sturgeon Bay, WI -Door County has attracted yet another fabulous chef to the area, this time with the opening of Bistro 42 in Carlsville at Door Peninsula Winery. Billie Jane Bach leads the staff as executive chef and general manager of the new casual cuisine lunch and dinner restaurant.
Bach’s love for cooking started at a very young age in the Kodiak Islands of Alaska where she worked with her father on his fishing boats as a cook and deck hand. The specialty of the time was the highly prized bologna sandwiches. Since then, Bach has broadened her skills with well traveled culinary experiences including earning a degree in Oregon’s Culinary Hospitality program, work in Norwegian Cruise Lines Hawaii adventures, a Costa Rican beach front restaurant, and most recently, the well known Madison, Wisconsin institution that many of us may recognize, Alt ‘n Bachs Restaurant.
Bach is most inspired by her mother and Aunt Kathy, owner of the family restaurant, Alt ‘n Bachs, but her favorite dishes to prepare are seafood, stemming from her days on her father’s fishing boat. Already growing in popularity in the recently opened Bistro 42 are her Italian style dishes, most notably the Caprese fire-baked pizza and the homemade ravioli. Bach continues to build the popularity of Bistro 42 with an out pouring of business during the opening on Memorial Day weekend. She is supported by long time friend of ten years, Ben Coggin, as Sous Chef. This well accomplished pair is excited to relocate to Door County and offer reasonably priced genuinely home-made food in a classic and casual setting.
Bach claims to be local, and certainly will be asked about it, as she tells her friends and neighbors of her deep rooted ancestry to the area. Her great, great, great, great, great grandfather was the light keeper of the lighthouse on Rock Island, William Betts. Since migrating south to Sturgeon Bay, you can find Ms. Bach (and Mr. Coggin) at Bistro 42, 5806 Hwy 42 in Carlsville, or by making your reservation at 920-743-WINE (9463).

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