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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Real People Videos Released Today!

Last week, we spent some time talking to folks on the street in Fish Creek, and they told us where they like to stay, dine and what they like to do in Door County! These are real people visiting the Peninsula, some for the first time!

We just released two videos of these on-the-street interviews, Real People Take 1, and Real People Take 2! They are linked on our Homepage under New Videos! Check them out - who knows, YOU may be the next featured person starring in our Real People series visiting Door County! So look for us - we may film again at the end of the month! Say "hello" if you see us!

And tell us what you think, right here, about the new Real People videos - hit the Comments button below and leave a message!


  1. I have enjoyed the videos added to the Door County Navigator. Gives a Special feel to the site, verses just looking at still photos. I really enjoyed the "Real people" videos. Hearing where they are from, and the differant things they are finding to do. By the way........What is a "Fish Boil??" Have a Great Time where ever your Adventure takes you!!

  2. Thanks Robin! A Fish Boil? Wow - you must try one! There is a huge kettle outside full of salted water and white fish and potatoes and onions - the master boiler has lit a huge fire under the kettle, and when the water starts to boil over, the fish is cooked and ready to serve! It's great - usually also served with a slice of cherry pie! Try White Gull Inn, Pelletier's, Sandpiper and others for a great experience! You sit and watch the show too!

    Thanks for your nice comments!


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