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Friday, July 2, 2010

Through the Eyes of Sophia! Sophia Reviews Watch Have?

Here is Sophia's first review!
Through the eyes of Sophia (8 years old)……

I have ate at Watcha Have 3 times. I always get the naked dog. This is a regular hotdog with nothing on it. I put ketchup on it only. The hot dog is really good and I like the bun. I met Chuck the owner and he took a picture of me and my dad. They are having a hot dog eating contest on the 4th of July and my dad entered it. My sister likes the fresh squeezed lemonade and I like the kind of milk they have. The food is good and there are fun things for kids to eat like the P.P.B & J which is a warm peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich on special bread. They also have corndogs, chicken tenders, nachos, French fries, caramel apples, caramel corn and cheese corn for kids to eat. I like to order at the counter and then sit at a table by the window.

I like going to eat at Watcha Have because I love their hot dogs and everyone is very friendly. After I am done with my hot dog I like to go to the park that is right next door. You should go to Watcha Have because the food is good and the people are nice.

Editor's note:  For the BLOG:

First annual hot dog eating contest held at Watcha Have. Starts just after the parade on July 4th. Everyone welcome. Cost is just 10 bucks and gets you all the dogs you can eat and a T-shirt! The proceeds go to the Egg Harbor Historical Society.

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