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Friday, July 2, 2010

Through the Eyes of Sophia . . . Egg Harbor Fun Park!

Through the eyes of Sophia (8 years old)……

I went to the Egg Harbor Fun Park and I beat my dad in mini golf! I have been coming here for three years, usually with my dad. There’s mini golf, a cool arcade, go-karts, water games and other gun stuff to do here. I always play mini golf because there are a lot of fun things on the course to shoot around. There is a party room where I had my 8th birthday party. We had pizza and it was awesome! I like the go-karts and arcade the best. My favorite holes for mini golf are numbers 7 and 13. There is a new basketball trampoline game that looks really fun. I can’t wait to try it. Some of the food I think other kids would like are fresh baked cookies, chips, candy, ice cream, hot dogs, chicken strips, soft pretzels and milk. There is a lot more!

I love the Egg Harbor Fun Park. It is fun, colorful and awesome! There lots of stuff to do and I get to spend time with my dad. If you are on vacation ask your mom and dad to bring you here!

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