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Monday, February 8, 2010

Different Drums of Ireland - March 5th at DCA!

How cool is this?  Awesome event - tell them we sent ya!


February 8, 2010
Media Contact: Dick Sandretti
Executive Director
Door Community Auditorium
920 868-2728

Different Drums of Ireland Takes
To DCA Mainstage, March 5

Different Drums of Ireland, a band composed of five musicians, was created in 1992 as a community relations project in Derry, Northern Ireland. Featuring the Lambeg and Bodhran drums, as well as the guitar, snares, long drum, pipes, and vocals, Different Drums of Ireland celebrates the musical traditions, customs, and sounds of that wee part of the world, crossing boundaries in an effort to promote peace and unity. The group makes its Door County premier appearance on the Door Community Auditorium Mainstage, Friday, March 5 at 8 pm. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students under 18.

The music also features the Uilleann or elbow pipes, whistles, guitar, snares, long drum, four voices and is driven by the engine of the African djembe. Adding myriad percussion and other instruments to original and traditional songs makes a unique and exciting combination of traditions and sounds. A unique celebration of cultural diversity and linkages.

The band has played across the world, for everyone from US & Irish presidents to school children - The message is the same: Celebrate that which makes us different and that which bonds us together.

" amazing sensory experience, the vibrant drum playing is genuinely stunning but over the top we hear whistles and pipes playing flying melodies with gorgeous ballads and spoken word sections..." said one reviewer.

Band members are:

Roy Arbuckle
"Roy has a voice you could take a bath in" O.R.Melling - Irish Times
People with long memories will remember Roy from his early days with show bands and in the 70's with folk band Chaff. He moved to North America in 1978 and toured extensively with Fiddlers Elbow and later The Rambling Boys of Pleasure.

Roy conceived and founded Different Drums in 1991 as a community relations project and has led its development since.

Dolores O’Hare
Dolores is a multi-instrumentalist playing Uillean (elbow) pipes, whistles, fiddle, button and piano accordion, concertina and Bodhran. She comes from Mayobridge in County Down, an area steeped in music which has also produced the renowned Sands Family. She is a talented teacher, her pupils achieving great success in the Ulster and All-Ireland Fleadhs.

Stephen Matier
Stephen is one of the earliest members of Different Drums and has been involved in music for most of his life. He is a native of East Belfast and has lived in Belfast for the last 10 years after spending time in England and Derry. He began playing music as a schoolboy in a variety of rock bands, most notably the band that went on to be known as "Ghost of an American Airman" He then found the blues with Noella Hutton. Once involved in Different Drums he has been exploring the roots of Irish and world music and has interests in Middle Eastern and American roots music.

Paul Marshall
Paul is an instrument inventor, multi-percussionist and instrument designer for STOMP. With Different Drums since 2002 he brings a wealth of percussive experience having played drumset for 40+ years and hand percussion for 30+ years. He has wide experience in music recording, editing and production and is responsible for the band's website and management of the band's audio/video/image archive.

Richard Campbell
Richard is the most recent addition to Different Drums and sports the official band hairstyle. Hailing from New Buildings in Co L'Derry, Richard comes from three generations of competitive pipers and drummers, having learned his snare drumming in Bready Ulster Scots Pipe Band, Co. Richard plays marching snare, Lambeg, djembe and longdrum. He joined the band in december 2004 and has brought new sounds and influences to the group.

Tickets for Different Drums of Ireland may be purchased on line at, by phone at 920 868-2728, or at the box office on Monday and Friday from 10 am to 3 pm and one hour prior to the performance. Adult tickets are $20, students under 18 are $10, plus tax and handling. All seats are reserved. Doors open at 7 pm on Friday, March 5 with the concert at 8 pm. Door Community Auditorium is located at the north end of Fish Creek on State Highway 42.

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