Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet Jewelry Designer Patricia Locke!

Great event coming up soon! Patricia Locke jewelry is awesome - we love it, and Wilkins & Olander is one of the finest stores in Door County! Head there this Saturday, October 3rd - and tell Carol we sent you!

Meet Jewelry Designer Patricia Locke

Contact Info:
Carol Overland, Owner
Wilkins & Olander
(920) 743-8718


On Saturday, October 3rd, from 2pm - 4pm, Wilkins & Olander will host a meet and greet for Chicago-based jewelry designer Patricia Locke. The event will take place at Wilkins & Olander’s Third Avenue location in Sturgeon Bay.

Among America’s premier contemporary jewelry designers, Patricia Locke speaks a distinctive visual language. Locke’s think-for-yourself, statement jewelry blends the depth of fine art with the sensation of fashion at its most provocative. Textural and multi-faceted, her designs reflect the complexity of modern femininity, the confidence and self-possession of a powerful persona.

While Locke’s evocative adornments take inspiration from a wealth of cultural and historic influences – including her own travels, ancient coins, hieroglyphics, architecture, religious totems, and astronomy – she says, “Ultimately, I’m more interested in the future than the past.” Hallmarks of her work include her inspired asymmetry; tantalizing multi-metal combinations; and use of positive-negative space. A master of paradox, Locke’s jewelry is at once handsome and beautiful, organic and geometric, contemporary with heirloom overtones.

Each Patricia Locke collection of earrings, pins, bracelets and necklaces exudes its own personality, with the designer’s creative counterpoint playing around a given theme. Says Patricia, “Creativity is play for me.” Defining characteristics emerge within her jewelry designs, such as mosaics synthesizing influences as diverse as the Arts & Crafts movement and computer technology; architectural principles informing a streamlined space odyssey of “future deco”; or complex, curvaceous forms manifest a lyrical, organic femininity. Regardless of the season, all of Locke’s jewelry has one thing in common: each unique piece stands alone, encouraging individual interpretation.

Self-taught, Patricia Locke had never worked with her hands or taken an art class prior to undertaking what would become her life’s work in jewelry design. She designed her first pieces, fine jewelry in sterling silver and gold in 1971, working largely by private commission for several years. By 1979, the desire to reach a wider audience prompted Locke’s first designer costume jewelry collection, which she personally – and quickly – sold one-on-one to prominent galleries and retailers. Locke’s jewelry is now handcrafted by a team of 25 artisans outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Carol Overland, owner of Wilkins & Olander adds, “Patricia Locke is one of the most popular jewelry lines at Wilkins & Olander – so popular that we’ve carried it for over 17 years! We’re so fortunate to have Patricia come visit us here in Sturgeon Bay. She doesn’t do many public appearances and I’m sure her fans in Door County will jump at the chance to meet her in person.

Since 1990, Wilkins & Olander has been a purveyor of distinctive updated traditional sportswear, shoes and accessories for women. Visit the boutique’s Sturgeon Bay location at 120 N. Third Avenue or in Fish Creek’s Founders Square on Main Street. For hours and inquiries, please contact the Sturgeon Bay shop at 920-868-3168, or the Fish Creek shop at 920-743-3137. Looking for a unique online shopping experience? Go to


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