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Friday, April 10, 2009

Inn the Pines B&B is Out!

One of our favorite B&Bs, Inn the Pines, is no longer taking reservations. Bev and Bud who have owned the inn for 13 years, have decided to "retire" and the Inn is currently for sale.

This was a lovely inn, with great folks who ran it. We will miss it, and their guests are already missing it and begging for them to return!

We wish all the best to Bev and Bud - they deserve it. In the meantime, Inn the Pines is out of biz.


  1. Inn the Pines was the place my wife (then my girlfriend) stayed on our first trip to Door County several years ago. We had a great time and the service was second to none! We are sad Bev and Bud will no longer be in business but wish them the best in their retirement.

  2. Hi Eric - I feel the same way - they were great people and everyone we knew who stayed there loved their place and them!

    Thanks for posting this note - when they look at our board I am sure they will be happy to read this.


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