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Thursday, April 2, 2009's On A Mission!

At, we are trying to provide information to our website visitors that is useful, pertinent, and most importantly usable so that your trip to Door County is enhanced and more enjoyable.

We work very hard to provide you with accurate data, and 1000s of our users have found that our in-person, exclusive and professional reviews provide just the kind of independent information they need.

So when you are perusing our site, invest some time reading our reviews to gain our first-hand knowledge of a lodging establishment, a restaurant, activity, real estate agency or shop. We've been there so you can find the best, and find exactly what you are looking for. In fact, we are beginning to add Audio Review Summaries so that you can listen to the reviews during your busy day. In fact, you can download the Audio Review Summaries in MP3 format - to your iPod(tm), or other portable MP3 player. We will be adding more Audio Review Summaries in the near future too!

We continue to add video tours as part of our mission of providing you with the best information you can possible have for Door County Wisconsin! We have over 75 video tours on the site right now - tours of historic places like Cana Island Lighthouse or Cave Point, coastal tours, sunsets, lodging tours, restaurant tours, shop tours and more. Now you can see Door County right from the comfort of your home, and learn more and more that can make your next trip even better.

Many of our website visitors tell us that our reviews have been so accurate and helpful that they simply will not go anywhere we don't review! We have led them to great places, and we'll help lead you to some great places too. This Spring and Summer, we are instituting a sticker system for businesses in Door County. If we have reviewed them, we are going to provide them with a window/door sticker that reads: " REVIEWED!" So look for the sticker and stop in and tell them we sent you!

This BLOG and our Navigator News(tm) newsletter are more ways that we can communicate some useful information to you, and exchange ideas and get your feedback and "conversations" going too. Haven't signed up for our Navigator News(tm) yet? Do so now! Follow this link and "join our mailing list."

We are never satisfied with what we have already accomplished. We continue to look for more - the next wave, new ways to deliver this information to you so that you can have more fun in Door County. We welcome suggestions, always. You can comment here, or send an email directly to

Thanks for your continued support, and your continued interest in our website. Our sister sites, and are there as cross-reference for you too!

Let us know what you think - we are here for you!


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, hands down the best website I've ever found. The videos are my favorite part. Keep it up!

  2. Wayne - thanks so much. We will continue to improve the site and make it better and better!

    Thanks again and keep on having fun!

  3. I love your website! I rely on your website for accurate information about Door County. I like your new sticker program this year..great idea!

  4. Thanks! We will distribute the stickers throughout the spring and summer - so look for them! And when staying at aan inn, ask them for our Pocket Navigator(tm) printed dining guide!


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