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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Two New Videos Released!

We just released two new videos and they are up and running on the site right now!

From Atop Eagle Tower is our quick tour of the Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek), as we climb to the top of this 75' tower and show you the spectacular views from way up above the Park! Take a look - you'll want to climb the tower next time!

And then we posted Gulls at Gills - a short, tranquil look at seagulls in the water at Gills Rock. Short and sweet, you will enjoy this peaceful moment.
So come to the site right now - they are linked from the Homepage on the upper left under New Videos! Tell us what you think - leave a Comment below!


  1. I loved the Gulls at Gills video. Watching the gulls with the background music was so nice. It was relaxing and gave a fantastic view of things you can see in Door County.

  2. Thank you Barb! It was fun shooting the Gulls at Gills video - it was quite an idlyic setting. Glad you liked it!

  3. The views from Eagle Tower are wonderfull. I didn't know some of the islands are privately owned. Also the view of Ephraim is nice.
    Keep those videos comming!

  4. MJ - thanks for the nice comments! It was fun shooting the Eagle Tower video. It was beautiful up there!

    Thanks - let us know what you think of some of our other videos - we have over 50 now!

  5. Thanks for sharing the dove video. I have not yet been to Door County, but planning a trip in the next 2 weeks. Love the birds, nature, water and photography opportunities. Thanks for sharing and increasing my anticipation. Be there soon.

  6. Thanks Virginia! Enjoy yourself in a couple of weeks in Door County!

    In the meantime, check out some other videos like Ephraim Wetland Preserves, Cave Point, Cana Island and others that I think you'll like on our site!

  7. I just watched the “From Atop Eagle Tower” video. Climbing the tower is on my itinerary every time I visit Door County. I'm scared of heights but I love it--the view from the top is well worth it! Thanks for reminding me how beautiful it is. I’m eagerly anticipating my next trip to DC in June!!


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