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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Casey's Inn Looking Good!

One of our locals sent us this as an updated report on the reopening of Casey's Inn in Egg Harbor - some great food getting cooked up there!

"Dined again at Casey's in Egg Harbor and happened to catch a beautiful Door County sunset from the bar. They've been open about a month now, and the menu continues to expand. In addition to their lunch menu they are now offering selected dinner items, with a larger menu coming soon.

Casey's is now a BBQ and Texas Smokehouse restaurant, or as many refer to this genre, " a barbecue joint". Proof is when you see the big new smoker in the parking lot! The food is great and the smoke flavor is not overdone. Last night I had 1/2 rack of ribs, corn fritters, mac & cheese, and homemade jalapeno corn bread. Good eatin' and the help is super friendly!"

Bruce at Lull-Abi Inn of Egg Harbor


  1. My wife and I will be there for dinner next Wednesday night! (6-4) ... is it too early to put my order in for a couple racks of ribs and two ice cold beers?

  2. Hi Wayne - we might be there Wednesday nite as well - we have to see - we will be shooting video up north! Have a great time, and tell Matt that we sent you!

  3. Sounds absolutely delicious! Me and my husband will be sure to try it on our next trip!! I will follow up and let you know what we think! Thanks for all the great door county information.

  4. Thanks Teresa - we may try it Wednesday nite this week! We're gong to try! Have fun and thanks for the nice comments!


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