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Monday, February 11, 2008

What's Your Favorite Season in Door County and Why?

Well, take a second and tell us what your favorite season is in Door County, and a couple of reasons why. Is it Spring before things get crazy? Is is Summer when there's outdoor dining and tons of outdoor activities? Is it Fall for the beauty of the colors and cool, clean air? Or is it winter - where there's plenty to do and nothing too?

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  1. Our favorite season is winter. My husband, four year old son and I love to cross country ski and sled. This year we've been skiing and snowshoeing at Little Sweden and sledding in Peninsula Park. We don't mind the cold and love visiting with the locals in the "off season". What a scenic and entertaining place for a family who enjoys nature, beauty, and delightful dining.

  2. The best time in Door County for me is late spring, specifically June, but really just before school gets out. Everything is open, weather is ideal, it's not busy(great for getting into restaurants and bars and the main roads aren't congested). Then to really unwind-- golf, golf, eat, golf. The Door County courses offers such a variety and so many levels of challenge and the views and vistas that you are often treated to (almost) make you forget those double-bogeys! I'm looking forward to this comming season and perhaps doing a long golf weekend with my son (priceless)..

  3. This is very difficult for me as I love all the seasons! I love the quiet of the winters when you can hear the ice cracking in the bay. But I love summers with my sons. Cherry picking, DC baseball games, swimming at Nicolet's all good!


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