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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tell us What You'd Like to See on!

We are constantly trying to make out site better and better. And feedback from our users is a key to us continuing to deliver what you want. So please tell us here:

o What would you like to see us add to
o What features would you like to see enhanced?
o What new video topics would you like us to cover and produce videos on?
o How can we make the site BETTER for YOU?!

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  1. Dan,
    What would I like to see on That's a hard one. You've done a good job of covering most of the bases! I enjoy the videos and photo gallery -- they remind me why my wife and I enjoyed visiting Door County before and why we'd like to return. Door County is so quaint and unhurried. It's the perfect destination to get away from it all. You've done a good job of painting a good picture for Internet visitors of what is available in Door County. To be sure, most find it hard to believe so much is available in such a small area. The links to all the other websites are great and very helpful in letting visitors know about lodging and restaurants and shopping venues. Keep up the good work, and I hope to visit Door County again soon. (By the way, I still wear the T-shirt you sent me back in 2001.)
    Lynn A.

  2. Lynn - thanks for the nice comments! We always want to continue to improve our site - so we love hearing from our loyal users and subscribers!

    Glad you still wear your DCN T-Shirt too!

    Keep in touch and leave more comments!

  3. Dan, we love to hike in Door County! We have found the state and county Parks to be beautiful. I would love to see more information on where the best hiking trails are!


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