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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hands-On Art Studio Hosts Art Day For Animals!

Hands-On Art Studio - a place that we at really love - is hosting an art day for aminals!


Art Day For Animals 2012
ART DAY FOR ANIMALS – FISH CREEKDate of Event: 10/6/12
At Hands On Art Studio, 3655 Peninsula Players Rd.,10 AM-6 PM. Art Day to benefit the Door County Humane Society. Try your hand at pumpkin painting or scarecrow-making. Let the kids explore our Hay House, or pet and feed the goats, llamas and alpacas. Kick back and enjoy a hayride, or participate in silly games like pumpkin ring toss, and chicken drop. Pizzas, hot dogs, brats, apple cider, soda and beer are available throughout the day.
Information: 920-868-9311 or visit
Hands-On Art Studio is a wonderful place and they are alwaysdoing nice things like this.  Support the effort and have fun - and be sure to tell them that sent you!

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