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Monday, January 4, 2010

January 2010 Giveaway Begins!

Wow - it's 2010 already and our Third Year for our BLOG and e-Newsletter (Navigator News tm). If you have not signed up for our Navigator News(tm) e-Newsletter, do so now! the next issue comes out around January 15th - so there is still time! You will find out lots of great info, and when we send our our Giveaway announcements, you will get some secret hints on how to earn extra entries :)

For now, the January 2010 Giveaway is underway! You can win a fabulous 2 night stay at the Cornerstone Suites in Egg Harbor. This is a unique and fabulous place - all in an old barn. Don't believe it? Check out this video and our review - we LOVE this place!

So come to right now and enter - everyday!


  1. Cornerstone Suites looks like a great place to stay!

  2. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We're relatively new to the Wisconsin area & we love the Door County updates!! We're planning now to book a stay there in October!

  3. Hi Kieran and Kari! You will LOVE the Cornerstone! Have you seen the video we did of it on our site?! It is a special place!

    Tell Leifer that we sent you!

  4. Can't wait to get back to DC. Golf at Peninsula Golf Course early in the morning is my favorite activity when we're there.

  5. Hi Betty - yes, I love the vistas at Peninsula State Park's golf course - just beautiful! Alpine in Egg HGarbor is also very nice!


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