Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sweet Deal From Copper Kettle Confections! Just For Users!

Copper Kettle Confections in Sturgeon Bay Wi and & have a sweet deal for you!

Just place an order for any one of the Fudge of the month club
specials listed below from our website and get free salt water taffy too!

Go to Copper Kettle Confectionsand scroll down to the section on
fudge (on the right.)

Pick the shipment schedule that's right for you. Get a free
pound of assorted salt water taffy when you order, the quarterly, the
bi-monthly, or the annual fudge of the month fudge programs!

Offer valid through November 30th, 2009. An exclusive DoorCountyCavigator
offer for only a short time. You may schedule shipments to start for
the holidays, a birthday, or any occasion. Your free pound of Taffy
will ship with the first order of fudge. Take advantage of this sweet
deal now to take advantage of this limited offer

Be sure to mention the special!
___ note: this is great fudge and you and your friends will love it!

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