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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter Sunset Video Released!

Just a few moments ago, we released Chasing a Winter Sunset. We shot the video partially in Ephraim, then finished it off at Sunset Park in Fish Creek. We actually BLOGGed while we were shooting.

Hope you enjoy! Go to our Homepage and click on Chasing a Winter Sunset. You'll also sse our other new video there too, On the Road in Door County.

You'll also find the new videos listed under New Releases in our Sights & Sounds section.


  1. Another beautiful video Dan, very nice. Have you ever taken any videos out on Washington Island?

  2. Thank you, Wayne. We think it's fun to see Door County in all seasons, and a winter sunset really is a special event.

    We will be heading to Washington Island spring/summer to do some shooting!



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