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Friday, September 12, 2008

Breakfast time!

Just sat down at the White Gull Inn for breakfast- ahh one of our favorite places!
Dan and the DCN Crew
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  1. My wife will have the stuffed French toast and I'll have the Eggs Benedict with an order of their EXCELLENT hash browns please.

  2. OK, Wayne - we'll order it up for you! It was, once again, a great breakfast. I had pecan pancakes, and others in our party had the homemade corn beef hash, and a couple of the hearty breakfasts! All good!

  3. From our house to the White Gull Inn is 197 miles. People think we're crazy (and maybe they're right) and can't believe the number of times we've "gone for a little ride for breakfast" and ended up there. Of course, we make a whole day of it and cruise around the peninsula sightseeing and shopping, but the White Gull is always our first stop. Even with gas at $4 a gallon, it's still worth it, especially if we're lucky enough to get a table by the fireplace. The White Gull Inn is my wifes favorite place on earth. haha

  4. A table by the fireplace at the White Gull, especially in winter is wonderful. Also, we like the corner table in the same room, with the window panes facing in both directions - in winter, when it's snowing - ahhh - beautiful! And the food is always delicious :)

  5. We've never been up in the winter. I've thought about it but my wife says almost all the "shops" are closed and, well, the women does like her shopping. May take a bit of elbow twisting to persuade her to go in the winter.

    The table in the corner by the windows is nice too, been there a couple times too. A few years ago we had friends up from Georgia and took them to the White Gull for a couple nights and they fell in love with the place, and ALL of Door County. I think my friends wife bought one of just about every sweatshirt, coffee mug, soap, and lotion they had in their little shopping corner. Every time we talk to them they bring up that trip to DC and every time my wife and I go back we make sure to pick up a little something and send it to them.

  6. In winter, it is true that a lot of the shops are closed. In Sturgeon Bay, most are opened though. But Winter is a special time in Door County - it is beautiful!


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