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Friday, January 11, 2008

Here and there

We have about four inches of sports-quality snow on the ground in Egg Harbor. This could provide a great base for winter sports this weekend. Check with your favorite park on their conditions.

One place always open in any weather and for long hours is HyLine Orchard, 8240 Hwy 42, Fish Creek. Loretta Robertoy, owner, is often the person behind the counter as you enter the rustic building. No frills and fancy displays. That’s for sure. But a lot of items on the shelves are homemade by Loretta and her family. Loretta was touting her new cherry salsa when I was there before Christmas (then, I picked up some bookmarks for my editors showing art by a Wisconsin painter—Loretta has lots of trinkets, too). But I digress. The salsa is great for chips and snacks during football games, according to Loretta. My personal favorite is her taffy apples, extremely fresh and generous but only available in fall season. Until next time, see you here and there on the Door Peninsula, Donna Marie Pocius, freelance writer.

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