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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell has acquired the Northeast and Central Wisconsin-based Coldwell Banker franchise, The Real Estate Group

 Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell has acquired the Northeast and Central Wisconsin-based Coldwell Banker franchise, The Real Estate Group

Appleton, WI- Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell announced today that it has acquired the Northeast and Central Wisconsin-based Coldwell Banker franchise, The Real Estate Group. Expanding its service area in Wisconsin, Honig-Bell and The Real Estate Group now have a combined presence of approximately 1,300 agents in 53 offices and, as a result, will become the largest Coldwell Banker affiliate franchise in the nation, based on transactions. Honig-Bell, which already has an office in Lake Geneva, WI, sees this as a rare opportunity for successful, like-minded companies to grow and benefit greatly from each other’s success. Mike Prodehl, who was also named the firms new President and CEO in this merger, had this to say. “Forming a brokerage of this size gives us an incredible advantage in that we now have more resources to invest in new technologies. 

Better technologies offer our clients greater marketing exposure in selling their home, and the most up-to-date information. Lenders, and other companies that need statewide or regional real estate partners, can now have one realty firm instead of multiple offices to work with in both states.”

Both Honig-Bell and The Real Estate Group have been members of Coldwell Banker’s Chairman’s Circle, a high and prestigious honor, since joining the Coldwell brand, respectively in 1994 and 1983. CBHB currently ranks 33rd for closed transaction sides among the 500 largest brokers in the nation, with TREG ranking 56th, the firms combined efforts next year should land them comfortably in the top 20 Brokerages nationwide.

Prodehl said Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group’s agents and management team will stay intact and that Buyers and Sellers in Wisconsin can expect the same great experience that they always have from The Real Estate Group.
“The benefit to all of our Buyers, Sellers and Agents is going to be tremendous! Our Marketing and technology departments have already met at length, and we have had a chance to speak with most of the agents and everyone has been very receptive and excited. All Agents within the organization will now be able to work within a much larger network with access to buyers and sellers from northeastern Wisconsin straight through to central Illinois.”

Ed Prodehl, who assumes the role of Chairman in this merger, reacted to the similarities between the two companies. “I have been close friends of Joyce and Otto Bytof for many years and prior to her passing we began discussions in expanding the growth of the two companies. We are a family-owned business just as Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group has been from its existence. We look forward to welcoming the Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group associates to the team.”

Reacting to news of the expansion, Coldwell Banker said the Honig-Bell Illinois operations are in good hands. “There is no doubt that Ed (Prodehl) and his management team at Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell have built a real estate power in Illinois and will continue the power and growth that the Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group has established.” said Budge Huskey, Chief Executive Officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “I am confident that their successful approach to real estate will translate well as they further their Wisconsin market.”

The staff and former heads of operations of The Real Estate Group, Chuck and Kim Peeters, will remain intact and they will continue to oversee the Wisconsin operations, which will remain Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group. Joyce and Otto Bytof’s legacy in this community will continue, stronger than ever, and Chuck and Kim Peeters stated that they “couldn’t be more pleased with this merger and are excited to see the strength of the group continue to grow.”

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Marketing Director
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