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Monday, August 19, 2013

Plum and Pilot Island Volunteers Help Historic Sites!

Here is the photo of the volunteers who worked on Plum Island.  They are all members of Friends Of Plum and Pilot Islands (FOPPI).  Shoreline Charters Scenic Cruises & Boat Rides used their Gills Rock boat, "The Shoreline," to transport them to and from Plum Island.  This past weekend they worked on trails and buildings on Plum Island.  Great to have volunteers to work on these historic sites! Thanks!



Shoreline Charters Scenic Cruises & Boat Rides runs daily lighthouse cruises to Plum and Pilot Islands.  On this cruise you will see both lighthouses on Plum and Pilot Islands as well as the Plum Island Range Lights and historic Coast Guard Station (which is the building pictured in the photo).  Passengers also see Detroit Island and Washington Island on the tour as well as cliffs, caves and scenic coastline along Door County's North Coast.    Beautiful!  Book a cruise – you will enjoy!

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