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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gibraltar Gill in Fish Creek Adds Unique Offering!

This past Monday night, we headed to Gibraltar Grill to re-review the place - some new awesome offerings like a scallop and red pepper risotto, or the Seal Team 6 burger, which is a combo of Angus(tm) beef and lobster tail - and Tom, the owner, donates $2 for each Seal Team 6 Burger sold to the Wounded Warriors Fund. 

Get a Ride From Tom on a 6-Seater Golf Cart!Gibraltar Grill, north of downtown  Fish Creek, can now pick you up!  Yep, if you are staying in downtown Fish Creek or nearby, Tom will come get you in a 6-seater golf cart, bring you to his restaurant and wine bar & bring you back!  You just have to call for a ride!  It is free, and no tipping the driver either. 

What a great new service - so if you dock in the Fish Creek marina, or are staying at one of the fine downtown Fish Creek inns, give Tom a call and he'll come get you!  You get a fun ride, great food and drink, and you don;t have to drive :)

An please, tell Tom that told ya he should give you a ride !!

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