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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Late Night Burger at John Henry's

Well, back from the Door County Fair, getting late, I'm hungry so . . . I head out to John Henry's in Egg Harbor, who, in peak season, serves until 11PM. I ran down for a quick burger and just returned. I have to tell ya, his food is great. The burger was thick, juicy and delicious. We just posted a review, so take a look!

John Henry was behind the bar, the place was hopping, and he's doing well. So, when you are in and around Egg Harbor, head into John Henry's, on the south end of Egg Harbor, from 11AM - 11PM and get some good, authentic food. Every time. Check out his menu!
And please tell them that sent you - please! Thanks - you will enjoy!



  1. Never been to John Henry's but the next time we're in Door County we'll try it for sure. Love a good hamburger.!!

  2. All the food at John Henry's is excellent - you will like it a lot - and please tell John Henry that sent you!


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