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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2 New Videos released Tonight! Ellison Bluff Park & More Tranquil Moments!

Just released a few minutes ago, two new videos grace out site!

By popular demand, we created More Tranquil Moments because you picked our original Tranquil Moments as one of your favorite videos and wanted to see more! I think you will enjoy this one!

Also, we just released Ellison Bluff County Park - here we take you right to Ellison Bluff County Park in Ellison Bay - high atop the limestone bluffs, overlooking the Green Bay waters - and we caught a beautiful sunset!

We know you will enjoy these new videos. Find them in our Sights and Sounds section, under New Releases at the top of the list.

Hit the Comment button below and let us know what you think!


  1. As always the videos are great. Did you ever think of getting them all together and putting out a DVD? Or instead of using all the short videos, just making a full length travel video of Door County? I'd buy one.

  2. Wayne - thanks again - we have thought about putting out a series of DVDs with the short videos, by category, or a mix etc. We will look into it some more now, thanks to your comment.

    If others would be interested in purchasing one, leave us a message here or email me - it may be a product we could develop!


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