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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coffee Break in Baileys Harbor

After heading up to Sister Bay and stopping in to say hi to the Robin at the beautiful Scandinavian Lodge, we headed across on Route 57 to Baileys Harbor. We are sitting in a wonderful cafe right now, enjoying a cup of organic Blue Harbor coffee and a cherry scone - ahhhh - delicious, and warming on this cold day. This cafe, Espresso Lane, is just south of Blue Ox on the west side of 57 - up some steps. Inside, you will find a great internet cafe, friendly staff - say HI to Anissa! The coffee is great, scones delicious and the view of the bay wonderful - yes - even in winter. Time for another sip of coffee . . .ahh. You'll also find some gifts here to and some nice artwork.

Nice break - now onto to the cold and wind awaiting us at Cave Point for our photo shoot there in a little while. In the meantime, my scone is calling to me!
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