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Saturday, December 1, 2007 Blog

Hello all you folks interested in Door County Wisconsin here in the good old US of A.

We will make entries occasionally on the BLOG as we get new info, or add additional things to our websites, or find interesting things to talk about that relate to our favorite place, the Door County Peninsula in Wisconsin.

Our websites, and its sister site, , offer a wealth of information that will help make your next trip to Door County even better. You will find in-person reviews of lodging, restaurants, shops, activities, real estate and more, including over 40 video tours of Door County that you can take right from your own home. Our staff is constantly scouring the County to give you real information that you can really use to plan your trips - we've done the legwork, you find the best.

Our blog will offer an additional level of information to you - so check back often and visit our websites daily. We almost always have a 2-Night Giveaway running on, so check it out.

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