Friday, July 25, 2008

John Henry's

Well, we strolled into John Henry's - a new bar/restaurant in Egg Harbor and saw some folks we know. This is in the building that was Bub's Pub a year or two ago.

John Henry is a great guy, who loves what he does, has a ton of stories to tell, and is fun to talk with. We had a couple of drinks, talked a lot, and sampled some of his food: spice-rubbed ribs, creamy cukes, and more. Awesome food. The couple next to me had been in Door County for 10 days, and dined here 5 of those nights - and the guy had the ribs 4 times!

Yeah - they were that good.

Look for John Henry's on the south end of the downtown area of Egg Harbor - a coral color building (looks like it belongs in Key West), with outdoor seating too.

Stop in, and tell John Henry that we sent you- you might find him dashing around the bar with a baseball cap on.

Looks like a great place - we'll be back (well, actually, we already were)!

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