Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eating at Trio!

Sitting at the table now eating a calamari appetizer, here at Trio Restaurant in Egg Harbor - excellent!

Ordered Beef Basquaise for dinner -beef and ham stew braised in paprika sauce w/roasted sweet peppers; served w/garlic mashed potatoes. Looking forward to it.

Trio is consistently good! Tina, our wait-person, is awesome.
Say Hi to Jerry when you come in, and tell him we sent you!

Dan + 2 (party of three!)
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  1. We've never eaten at Trio but will add it to the list for our next visit. Sounds terrific!

  2. Wayne - we think you'll like Trio - have fun on your next visit - and try Double Delites down the street for authentic Italian Gelato (ice cream) - oh my - it is good. We just had some tonight - two flavors: Pomegranate, and Zuppa Inglese - awesome!!

  3. We stopped at Double Delites on our last visit (June), my wife loved the Gelato and I walked out with several bags of their flavored popcorn. Excellent. We'll be back in October.


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