Monday, March 31, 2008

DCN Photo Selected for "On The Water" Magazine!

We are happy to announce that one of our photographs was seen by the editors of On the Water magazine on our site. They requested permission to use the photo in their March 2008 issue of On The Water magazine!

This is a Wisconsin focused magazine, and we took the photo on Kangaroo Lake in Baileys Harbor, off the shore of the Kangaroo Lake Resort. So if you have the magazine and flip to page 35, you will see our photo! We have included it here too so you can see what you think! Let us know!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Two New Videos Released this Week! just released two new videos this week! Cave Point's Spring Thaw (which we BLOGGed about when we were filming it below!) and A Door County Sampler.

Cave Point's Spring Thaw is full video of Lake Michigan waves crashing and melting the icy covered coastline - very cool - you'll even see ducks in the icy waters!

A Door County Sampler gives you a bunch of shots of Door County - kinda like, well, "a sampler!"

See all of our videos in our Sights & Sounds section!

Please take a look by clicking the links above, and please tell us what you think by clicking the Comments button below - you can leave a message anonymously, or use your name.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Liberty Square in Egg Harbor

Wow - we spent some time this past week at Liberty Square in Egg Harbor. If you remember where the Village Shops used to be, well Liberty Square is the new and fabulous iteration of this space, and the owners have done a stupendous job of renovating the site.

There is a great restaurant, The Bistro at Liberty Square, where we have dined often - great food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. All under one roof is another 9 unique shops, with items from all over the world - and in general, items you won't find in other Door County shops. We strolled through the shops, and actually did a video of Liberty Square which is now up on our site in our Sights & Sounds "New Releases" section. You'll find lots of items for your home, including art, furniture, floral arrangements, cards and more. And very intriguing one of a kind jewelry is available on site too.

Also under the same roof is a Gourmet Foods Wine and Spirits shop that sells fabulous cheeses and meats (great stuff for picnics or back at your lodging place or home), and a super selection of nice wines. And there is an art center too.

This is a must stop on your next trip - we love the casual elegance of the place, and the folks who run it are friendly and efficient and want you to enjoy your time with them. Very cool place - we love it and will be back there often. There's free WiFi here and a lot of parking onsite. Cool!

Heard on the Street

While it is difficult to confirm these things, DCN staff has heard on the street that Waterview Pub and Grill in Egg Harbor will not reopen this season. Let's see what we might get in it's place.

We also heard that Casey's Restaurant, also in Egg Harbor, is for sale. We liked the owner from last year and the quality, so hopefully we will get more of the same with a new owner.

If you remember Helm's Four Seasons lodge in Sister Bay, well, Sister Bay purchased the property, and Helm's is being torn down as we BLOG! We drove by to take a look at what it looked like, and it's about 1/3 down already. Sister Bay plans on adding that waterfront property to it's existing, adjacent park. Should be nice for visitors and locals.

Look for more news as we get it!

March Issue of Navigator News(tm) Is In The Mail!

Check your email boxes because the third issue of Navigator News(tm) just went out at 12:15PM today! Articles on maple syrup, music festivals, and another Special Place are highlighted, and we expanded our photo section, Door County Lookin' Good!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Egg Harbor Sunset Over The Ice and Snow March 2008

What a gorgeous sunset over the icey snow in Egg Harbor this evening! Just spectacular! The picture says a thousand words - so I'll just go ahead and stop talking :)

At Icy Cave Point

As we planned, we are at Cave Point right now! It's very icy and the cold Lake Michigan waves are battering the shore and ice - simply beautiful! 2 cars just pulled up and the folks are down by the icy cliffs enjoying the breathtaking view.

We shot some great video and about 100 stills of this special place. Come here year-round for tremendous vistas!

At Cave Point County Park, Dan + Gus (the video team) signing off!
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Coffee Break in Baileys Harbor

After heading up to Sister Bay and stopping in to say hi to the Robin at the beautiful Scandinavian Lodge, we headed across on Route 57 to Baileys Harbor. We are sitting in a wonderful cafe right now, enjoying a cup of organic Blue Harbor coffee and a cherry scone - ahhhh - delicious, and warming on this cold day. This cafe, Espresso Lane, is just south of Blue Ox on the west side of 57 - up some steps. Inside, you will find a great internet cafe, friendly staff - say HI to Anissa! The coffee is great, scones delicious and the view of the bay wonderful - yes - even in winter. Time for another sip of coffee . . .ahh. You'll also find some gifts here to and some nice artwork.

Nice break - now onto to the cold and wind awaiting us at Cave Point for our photo shoot there in a little while. In the meantime, my scone is calling to me!
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White Gull Inn breakfast

We are eating breakfast at the White Gull Inn in Fish Creek. Cold March day, and the fireplace, nearby, is roaring and warming the room. Seeing the snow through the windowpanes makes it extra cozy in here! On our way, we stopped in to say hi to the folks at Bay Point Inn, in Egg Harbor - a great place with a super view of the bay!

Well, breakfast is here! We'll be out shooting more video today!
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

What Happened 100 Years ago In Door County?

I always think it's fun to take a look at things like "this date in time" 100 years ago or whatever! Well, I saw a nice piece on the Door County Advocate taking a look at what happened in the month of March - 75, 100, and 125 years ago - interesting reading!

So if you want to take a look, then just CLICK HERE and it will take you right to that page! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who's Coming To Door County This Spring?

It's almost Springtime! We have had a snow-filled winter, but we are all just about ready for Spring.

So who's coming up to Door County this Spring and what do you want to do in Door County this Spring?

Leave a comment (click the Comments button below this post) and let us know what your plan is! Hope to see you on the Peninsula!

Leave a message below!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

March Madness? Well The New Giveaway is On!

Our third Giveaway of the new year has just begun! So come on by right now to and enter!

This month, you can win a Two-Night stay at the Inn at Little Sister Hill in beautiful Sister Bay Wisconsin (in Door County). So stop on by right now and enter today - in fact, you can enter everyday to increase your chances of winning.

So what are you waiting for?! Click HERE and start yourself on the way to a free two nights on the Door County Peninsula!