Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dessert Time! At Mailbu Moo's in Fish Creek

Well, after a great dinner at Trio, we headed north out of Egg Harbor, to Malibu Moo's Frozen Griddle in Fish Creek. You can read our review of the Moo on

You'll find this frozen slab custard shop, decked out in island motif, back behind Bayside Tavern, right near the water. Head in, see Sherrie or one of her staff, and enjoy a frozen delight! They will whip up all kinds of stuff on the frozen marble for you. My favorite? It's not on the menu, but ask 'em for a Haliakala Crater. Fantastic!

We just spent some time talking with Sherrie (try out some Spanish on her!) - and just left. Fun and good!

Time to rest!

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