Monday, July 14, 2008

From the Horses to the Sky! Para-Sailing in Ephraim

Well, we finally had the opportunity to give para-sailing a shot! So this evening around 5 PM, we headed out on a boat from South Shore Pier dock in Ephraim, aboard Wisconsin Water Wings's craft, with a crew of 2 and 6 passengers who were going to brave a 175 foot high para-sailing adventure. Some of the passengers and soon-to-be para-sailers were Lucia and her sister Grace from Iowa, and Dan and Steve from Illinois.

First time for our DCN crew and wow - what an experience! It was awesome to see Ephraim, the islands, shoreline and all from 175 feet in the air! Highly recommended - it was really easy to do, the crew was terrific, and you land right back on the boat - really - you don't get wet.

Unlike anything I have ever experienced before, this is a ride of a lifetime. Do it! And tell Captain Doug and Liz that sent you!

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