Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our BLOG Policy

This BLOG is an extension of

It is intended as a means to dispense information about Door County quickly to our followers and website users. We provide information that is sent to us in press release format from a variety of sources, and information that our advertisers send us, or we feel is useful information about particular businesses in Doro County, some of whom may be advertisers on our main sites. We do have paid-for advertisers on because that's what pays for the site to exist! And we do provide information via our BLOG about these advertisers when we feel it is appropriate and useful.

The BLOG is also intended as a vehicle for our users to Comment on particular posts, and as a means for us to respond in a public format.

The BLOG is a friendly place, and we do not accept posts and Comments that are derogatory to Door County businesses, inflammatory, or ones that we deem are not in good taste. This is not the format for that.

So enjoy the BLOG and find out great stuff here! And feel free to leave your Comments! We will get back to you!